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2017, 22nd of February CAPITAL V8, Release 8.8, Available Now!

CAPITAL Office Business Software is pleased to announce that CAPITAL V8,

Release 8.8 is available for general download for users with service cover.

A white paper on the new features in the 8.8 release can be downloaded here.

Highlights of CAPITAL V8 Release 8.8 include:

The Automatic Bank Reconciliation tool now allows you to import transaction activity from your

bank and have the Cash Manager auto reconcile your records where possible. A number of

powerful short-cut tools are included, to quickly add commonly occurring 'missing' (unentered)

transactions such as interest and bank fees. The Automatic Bank Reconciliation tool has the

potential to speed up your reconciliation process by 5-95%.

Requires CAPITAL Enterprise or Corporate Edition.

Dispatched In-Full On-Time Analysis (DIFOT) is a tool used to monitor the order processing and

warehouse picking and processing procedures of your business. The tool compares your target

dispatch goal against actual dispatch dates and times.

Requires CAPITAL Corporate Edition.

When emailing appointments the Calendar will now include a vCalendar attachment file.

vCalendar files are industry standard appointment files that are used by applications such as

Microsoft Office (i.e., Outlook) to automatically load meeting dates into their systems.

Attendees, including contact information, may now be assigned to appointments..

The Stock Tracing Allocations window now provides the option to show additional tracing

allotment information such as the Reference, Bin and Expiry date of the allotment..

The Replenish From This Department feature has been enhanced with a new ordering mode to

permit a department to place an order for all stock items it requires, from a designated

department. This is useful if a department does not have the authority to raise its own purchase

orders and must raise orders and transfers through a 'main branch' department.

Product descriptions on transactions now support the spell checking feature.

You may now view the list of open purchase orders for a back ordered item, by selecting from

the Back Order Control Centre the applicable item and clicking on the PO. No. column cell or by

selecting View|Purchase Orders from the menu.

A transaction may now be allocated available stock in one step inside the Back Order Control

Centre by selecting from the menu Toolbox|Allocate Transaction.

The Warranty Register allows you record and manage product warranties, which is especially

useful for dealing with extended warranties and repair based warranties.

Requires CAPITAL Corporate Edition.

Query Builder now supports the ability add questions to queries in order to allow queries to

dynamically change their comparison values.

Query Builder now supports the ability to explicitly specify the type of comparison (date, text,

true/false, numeric) to perform on the data being analysed.

Customer Sales Territory Budgets allow you to define sale budgets for individual customer

accounts by sales territory.

Customer Sales Territory Budget Analysis allows you to monitor sales targets by customer


Customer Product Sales Budgets allow you to define sales budgets for individual customer

accounts for products sold.

Requires CAPITAL Corporate Edition.

Customer Sales Product Budget Analysis allows you to monitor the performance of customer

accounts that have been assigned sales budgets.

Requires CAPITAL Corporate Edition..

Locations that a department can access may now be restricted.

Requires CAPITAL Corporate Edition.

The Customer Sales Report has been enhanced with features to sub group the report by state or


In multi-location stock control mode it is now possible to change a transaction's location if the

wrong location has been assigned to a transaction, without restarting from scratch.

The New Customer Account Activity feature charts the acquisition of new customer accounts.

The Customer Product Sales Activity analysis tool allows you to track and chart changes in sales

activity by individual customer account over time.

The Stock Order Availability Report lists items on back order. You may also exclude back ordered

items based on criteria such as the customer required date, customer account or category or

internal reference, or limit the report to a specific stock group or supplier group.

The Event Viewer has been redesigned to better facilitate event monitoring and troubleshooting.

Hire Manager

Hire Manager now features a new split screen view that optionally shows items on hire for each

hire item on the hire list.

Product items in Stock Control can now be set as non-hireable.

When returning hire goods, you may now specify a different location to return goods to.

When returning hire goods, you may now specify the return of all hired items in one step.

A new sophisticated billing system has been introduced for hire, called Billing Plans. Billing Plans

may be created to manage Hourly, Half Day, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual or

'fixed/unspecified' hire periods..

Closing a hire has been enhanced with additional warnings and the option to invoice

outstanding charges.

The hire 'bill until' period may now be set to the current day in addition to the end of the

previous month.

It is now possible to specify a Stand-Down period for a hire. Stand-Down days are days in which

hire billing does not occur. Each hire can have separate Stand-Down periods. Stand-Downs only

work in conjunction with Hire Plans.

When hiring goods, you may now alter or edit the product description that appears on your hire

invoices for individual hire items.

Service Manager Scheduler

The Service Scheduler Jobs To Schedule list may now be sorted by newest jobs or by priority. To

change the sort ordering right click on the list of unscheduled jobs and select the applicable sort


Service Manager

It is now possible to import from external data sources timesheet information into the Service



The CAPITAL Egate component now supports the ability to import extended product descriptions

up to 255 characters in length, including long comment lines.

CAPITAL Egate now supports automated FTP file download without scripting.

For information on the PDF ‘white page’ issue please consult our blog:

2017, 20th of November PDF ‘White Page’ Issue