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  • Rob
    Time Inputs

    by Rob » Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:09 am

    Quick question I need to capture some times for various things outside of jobcards. One of the main area’s will be recording staff starting and finishing times, I have the functionality I need to get everything started but need to be able to edit times, but also ensure the time format is retained if users need adjust the time start time.

    I will then be Capturing all the data in a cardfile with excel pivot table reading the data and forming the basis for a payroll report for entry in a Payroll system. For example I have:

    FormAdd("Starting Time Timeformat(2)", Timeformat(2))

    Displays the time as per below,

    Staff will need to change the time to their official starting time, say in the above example the starting time needs to change to 11:00. I need to make sure staff can enter the time but ensure the timeformat(2) is retained.

    Or another line of thought can get similar functionality to the Time sheet entry screen from and to times using Formcreate()
  • COBS Tech Support
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    by COBS Tech Support » Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:14 am

    You can add a formatting clause to the question like so:

    FormAdd("Time", "00:00", "99:99")

    Which forces the input to be limited to two number numbers, the ":" is locked into place and then two numeric numbers.

    Nothing stops them from entering something like "44:45" for example, so you need to further qualify the input, and if invalid prompt the user to enter a valid time entry.

    There isn't, yet, a way to prompt for an internal time input field - like what you see when entering time on a dialog - as the FormAdd() function wasn't upgraded to support that feature when the time input was changed. This feature may appear in a future update.

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